Training Program: 'Guidelines to write and publish a research paper'
Prestigious Women Researchers Lecture Series: 'Influence of context on users' views about explanations for decision-tree predictions'
Lecture: 'Federated learning future, challenges, and applications'
PhD Defense: 'Two-dimensional visualization of classification and regression problems. Automatic prediction of behavior from sensory data in autism spectrum disorder'
PhD Defense: 'Dynamic workload optimisation on NUMA and heterogeneous architectures'
Doctoral Meeting: 'Improving the performance of alignment-based conformance checking'
Doctoral Meeting: 'Smart Modeling for Water Quality Prediction for Resource Management Systems'
PhD Defense: 'Techniques for the extraction of spatial and spectral information in the supervised classification of hyperspectral imagery for land-cover applications'
‘Get closer to CiTIUS’: Open Day for USC undergraduate and master's degree students
Programa de formación: «C++ is not C.cpp»
Research Insider: '3D Cardiac Image Analysis Using Machine Learning and Classic Techniques: Challenges and Possibilities'
Lecture: 'Xunta de Galicia's digital challenges'