June 28, 2022
'Inside the lab' gets back to CiTIUS on its 100% on-site format

'Inside the lab' gets back to CiTIUS on its 100% on-site format

'Inside the lab', the annual CiTIUS technology demonstration day aimed to industry and organisations, will be back this Friday on its on-site format coinciding with the centre's tenth anniversary.

Companies, administrations and professionals from the sector will meet again this Friday, 1 July, during the seventh edition of 'Inside the Lab', the annual CiTIUS technology demonstration meeting. From 10:00 until 14:00, the doors of the centre will open again to welcome visitors to this event aimed at the socio-economic fabric, in which some of the technologies with the seal of the USC's Singular Research Centre that are in a more advanced state of maturity (or what is the same: ready to be transferred to industry) will be presented.

Among the main novelties of this conference, which in 2022 fully recovers the face-to-face format, the demonstration of the new researcher linked to the centre, David Glowacki, stands out. The American scientist, recently presented at a public event at the City of Culture of Galicia, will demonstrate his work with Virtual Reality technologies, a field that he leads worldwide, and around which his first challenge at the centre will also revolve: the 'NanoVr' project, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) with almost two million euros.

In addition to this demonstration, visitors to Inside the Lab 7 will also find 11 other points with first-hand information on the most cutting-edge CiTIUS technologies in different fields, such as chip design, linguistics, medical image processing, interactive exploration of environmental data, automatic clustering of time series, and data mapping and tracking using multi-hyperspectral images and LiDAR techniques. In addition, the meeting will also be attended by two of the centre's spin-offs: Situm Technologies and Inverbis Analytics.

The full list of demonstrators is available on the official website of the event, and includes preview videos presented by the team responsible for each demonstrator. To participate in Inside the Lab 7, the only requirement is to fill in the official registration form and attend between 10:00 and 14:00 on Friday 1 July.