What we are and what we do

CiTIUS's mission is to improve society through Intelligent Technologies.

We want to be recognised as a research centre of international reference in Intelligent Technologies, capable of carrying out research of great scientific relevance and socio-economic impact and with a high capacity for talent training and attraction.

Research Areas

Our activity is organised in 9 scientific fields in the area of Intelligent Technologies.

  • Electronic design of intelligent devices
  • High performance computing
  • Language technologies
  • Machine learning and reasoning
  • Robotics
  • Science and engineering of data and processes
  • Trustworthy AI
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Computer vision


Leadership Service Creativity Equality Integrity Transparency



CiTIUS Strategic Grouping, origin of the Centre, was created. It was recognised as one of the eight Strategic Groupings of the "Programa de Consolidación y Estructuración de la Xunta de Galicia" that same year.


Creation of CiTIUS as a centre belonging to the Singular Research Centers Network of the Campus Vida, under the curatorial direction of Prof. Dr. Paulo Félix Lamas. Initially, 32 researchers are assigned to the Centre, following an evaluation process carried out by the External Advisory Board.


In September of this year, CiTIUS researchers are relocated to the current facilities at Campus Vida.


CiTIUS consolidates as one of the seven entities accredited by the "Programa de ayudas para la acreditación, estructuración y mejora de centros de investigación singulares y agrupaciones estratégicas consolidadas del Sistema Universitario de Galicia". This accreditation certifies CiTIUS as one of the leading research centres of the region.


The Centre reorganises its management structure, with the implementation of a Scientific Directorate headed by Prof. Dr. Senén Barro Ameneiro, supported by a Deputy Directorate headed by Prof. Dr. Paulo Félix Lamas, until then Commissioner Director. Likewise, the centre reorients its thematic specialisation towards Intelligent Technologies, recognising the progressive focus of the Centre's research activity towards this area.

In December of the same year, CiTIUS is recognised as one of the eight Research Centres of Galicia in the framework of the Programa de ayudas para la acreditación, estructuración y mejora de los centros de investigación del Sistema Universitario de Galicia, being the only centre in the field of Intelligent Technologies.


In April, Prof. Dr. Paula López Martínez took over from Prof. Dr. Paulo Félix Lamas as Deputy Director of the centre, after more than ten years of growth and consolidation of the centre under his leadership.