Research Areas

RoboticsMore social and interactive robots, capable of learning and adapting to their environment.
Electronic design of intelligent devicesNew, more efficient and smarter autonomous devices
Machine learning and reasoningMore intelligent and competent machines for real-world problem solving
Trustworthy AIArtificial Intelligence by and for people
Computer VisionTechniques for automatic interpretation of images and real situations
Data and process science and engineeringExtracting information from data to aid decision making
Language technologiesAchieving natural human-computer interaction by using language
High performance computingImproving the performance and usability of computational resources
Virtual and augmented realityImmersive and interactive systems

The research areas define the research activity carried out at CiTIUS.

Our activity is currently organised around 9 scientific areas. The continuity of these lines depends not only on their degree of activity, but also on the scientific importance of their area in the field of Intelligent Technologies.

These research lines are a commitment of the centre and its researchers and will evolve over time so that CiTIUS can continue its research in the areas of greatest scientific interest.