Singular Science 2023

The seventh edition of Singular Science is coming, in which the Network of Singular Research Centres of the University of Santiago de Compostela will participate on Saturday 25 November. CiTIUS, CiMUS, CiQUS and IGFAE will open their doors and will present their projects and research to all those who are interested in science and technology. There will be different activities like workshops, informative talks and exhibitions of projects for all kinds of public.

This will be the programme with the different activities that CiTIUS will develop.

Guided tour

The CiTIUS researchers will do a guided tour of the different topics to be dealt with on this day, which will be the following:

  • Transform your voice with artificial intelligence 
  • From the invisible to the tangible: interacting with molecules in virtual reality
  • Teaching robots the sense of touch
  • Artificial intelligence learns Galician 
  • Intelligent object detection and tracking technologies 
  • Microchips that learn and make decisions

Informative conferences

Throughout the day, different experts will talk about the following topics related to the field of technology:

  • 11.10 a.m. "Artificial intelligences: from Chat GPT to how to transform your own voice", talk chaired by Francisco Javier Cardama.
  • 1.10 p.m. "How does a heart with arrhythmia beat?", talk chaired by Marta Núñez.
  • 5.10 p.m. "Can technology understand my emotions?", talk chaired by Nelly Condori.
  • 7.10 p.m. "Predicting disease in healthy people", talk chaired by Paulo Félix.

For the kids

As for children, there will be different activities especially for them:

  • "Magical scientific adventure: play with the tiny building blocks of reality (...virtual)"
  • "A robot for every mission: discover their differences!"
  • "Technological workshops: video game programming, 3D design and printing, electronics and robot programming"
  • "Playing with virtual intelligence using my senses"