Lecture: 'Integrating values in software design: A Design Thinking experience in a German newspaper'

This presentation exposes the results of a Design Thinking experience carried out in a local newspaper in Germany, focused on the explicitness of the necessary values (or qualities) in a software system. This approach becomes especially relevant in artificial intelligence systems that must be aligned with guidelines such as ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI. Through examples, we demonstrate how the use of tools such as Lego Serious Play facilitates the operationalization of values in technical design. In addition, we use the Non Functional Requirements (NFR) framework to verify the balance between competing values during implementation, allowing us to plan iterations in the Design Thinking process. The results obtained indicate that our process is aligned with the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) methodology, which, having a more holistic approach, can significantly enrich our procedure. Likewise, our practical approach contributes to VSD through methods more oriented to the effective implementation of values.


Roxana Portugal is a dedicated professional with 16 years of experience in Software Engineering. Throughout her career, she has acquired extensive experience in both industry and academia, which has allowed her to face the challenges inherent in the software production process. Through this experience, he has developed a specialization in Requirements Engineering at the Computer Science Department of PUC-Rio in Brazil, assisted Prof. Luiz Marcio Cysneiros at York University in Canada in the concept of socially responsible software, and taught at the National University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco in Peru.