June 1, 2022
CiTIUS presents its new website, a completely renewed image to adapt to the new digital media and reinforce its commitment as AI’s reference in Galicia

CiTIUS presents its new website, a completely renewed image to adapt to the new digital media and reinforce its commitment as AI’s reference in Galicia

Ten years after its inauguration on the Campus Vida of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), the Singular Research Centre on Intelligent Technologies (CiTIUS) changes its corporate identity and publishes a new website, in an effort to take advantage of the opportunities of new digital media and thus improving its public projection as a Galician reference research centre in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Modern and avant-garde design, its own well-defined personality and a technological aesthetic aligned with the competition in the international arena. After ten years as a benchmark in research in the field of smart technologies, the CiTIUS (Singular Centre for Research in Smart Technologies of the USC), presents the renewal of its main elements of image (website and associated identity), with the aim of achieving greater transparency, improved communication and, ultimately, a greater commitment to society.

The scientific director of CiTIUS, Senén Barro, explained this decision as "a commitment to project ourselves to the rest of the world with the same ambition with which we do it at the scientific level". "We are the reference research centre in AI in Galicia, and everything we do has to be in line with that", says the professor of Artificial Intelligence.

The renewal coincides with the tenth anniversary of CiTIUS, an event that will give rise to various celebrations throughout the year, but which does not explain this change in itself: "our new website is not just a response to the new image of the centre, nor a way of accompanying our tenth anniversary," says Barro. "It is, above all, a commitment to provide more and better information to our stakeholders and to society as a whole, to be more transparent, and also to use this tool to disseminate knowledge and technological development, particularly that which is derived from our research," he reflects.

The most noticeable visual transformation of this new phase is evident in the chromatic treatment: black replaces orange as the main colour in all corporate applications; on the other hand, both the new logo and the associated iconography have been designed based on the evocation of a bit, geometrically represented in a square with a digital, almost 'robotic' appearance.

The change is also part of the new CiTIUS communication plan for the period 2022-2025, designed to support and reinforce the objectives of the centre's Strategic Plan, such as greater internationalisation and the improvement of talent attraction capacities, with special attention to the younger public and the promotion of women in the Smart Technologies sector.

Since its inauguration at the Vida Campus at the end of 2012, CiTIUS has taken on the mission of publicising the work carried out by the centre's research team, using the tools available in each historical context: both through the more standardised channels (press releases, press releases) and by making use of the digital media that have emerged over the years (social networks, new online communication opportunities, etc.). At the same time, over the last decade the centre has also developed different audiovisual content, which has contributed to giving visibility to CiTIUS activity and humanising its scientific results, as well as putting a face to the successes achieved by the centre's staff.