February 14, 2023
CiTIUS recovers the campaign '#SomosQuen: Científicas preto de TI' to vindicate its female resear...

CiTIUS recovers the campaign '#SomosQuen: Científicas preto de TI' to vindicate its female researchers on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of 11 February, the centre brings together a sample of its female researchers to share their experience through a series of close-up audiovisual portraits. In them, the scientists reflect on some of the aspects that have most influenced their professional careers, such as curiosity, creativity and the desire to solve problems.

CiTIUS is once again celebrating 11 February (International Day of Women and Girls in Science) with the slogan #SomosQuen, as part of the 'Científicas Preto de TI' campaign. This initiative, an outreach activity conceived as a play on words between the second person singular in Galician ('ti') and the acronym of the centre's main research area ('Intelligent Technologies'), originally emerged exactly one year ago in the form of a travelling exhibition: 5 double panels in which 9 female researchers at different stages of their academic career shared their experience, with messages aimed at the younger female audience. After its inauguration in the As Cancelas Shopping Centre in Santiago de Compostela, the exhibition has been travelling throughout the year to different parts of Galicia, inspiring many girls and young women whose professional future was yet to be decided.

Given the success of the proposal in 2022, CiTIUS has decided to maintain and reinforce the essence of this initiative in 2023, introducing certain format changes, but maintaining the imprint and spirit of dissemination that accompanied this campaign in its first edition.


On this occasion, 5 women experts in technology will sit down to talk in front of the cameras to reflect on their professional careers. The videos will be released throughout the week of 11F, and through their words, the public will be able to get closer to the person behind the cutting-edge research.

Areas such as Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Language Technologies or Microchip Design, will take a back seat to give way to the voices of a group of women who, from their life experience and their current professional situation, evoke the essential reasons that led them to become scientists, encouraging other women not to set limits for themselves and to decide for themselves what they want to become. "Being a woman is not an impediment" "Do not close doors". "Know in order to decide". Even if it means - who knows - ending up working in an Artificial Intelligence research centre. They are the best example of this.