CiTIUS renews its commitment to ‘G-Night’, a bridge between scientific culture and society

On 30 September, the centre will join a new edition of the 'European Researchers' Night', a collective effort of the scientific community in Galicia that will feature multiple presentations and workshops.

The CiTIUS will participate one more year in the *European Researchers' Night'('G-Nnight'), an outreach initiative that will take place next Friday 30th in Galician cities under the slogan 'Creative Consciences'. The meeting, which aims to move science to the streets, is coordinated by the University of Vigo and will feature dozens of scientific outreach workshops and lectures in the USC, to be held both in Santiago de Compostela (Colegio de Fonseca) and in the Old Jail of Lugo.

Connecting with society

"G-Night is a European initiative that is being developed simultaneously throughout Europe," explains the coordinator of the initiative in Compostela and professor at the USC, José A. Costoya. "We want to connect scientific culture with the rest of society, to be a kind of bridge," he adds, and then emphasises that "this is an initiative in which the whole of the Galician scientific community is involved". Thus, the CiTIUS will share the stage in this sharing with other research structures of the USC, such as the CiMUS, the CiQUS, the IGFAE, the CRETUS or the CITMAga.

Among the contents that the centre will present at this event will be the workshop '.Scalextric-IA-IAThis will consist of a race between two cars: one of them equipped with Artificial Intelligence and the other controlled by the people participating in the workshop. In addition, a representation of the European CiTIUS project 'NL4XAI' will show how intelligent machines supported by Artificial Intelligence can help to make informed decisions in everyday situations; people participating in this workshop will be able to challenge the machine about their own decisions by asking why (or why not) they are right or wrong.

The workshop of the European project 'MENELAOS_NT' will present cameras that capture 3D images in a similar way to the brain, while the visit to the H2020 project 'MISEL' will show the advances obtained in bio-inspired image processing, with low power consumption and cutting-edge technologies.