July 14, 2022
'Social Minder' wins best demo award at the CIRCLE 2022 International Conference

'Social Minder' wins best demo award at the CIRCLE 2022 International Conference

Marcos Fernández Pichel receives in Toulouse the recognition for the tool developed at CiTIUS.

The international conference that brings together every year the communities of the scientific field of Information Retrieval in Europe (Joint Conference of the Information Retrieval Communities in Europe - CIRCLE 2022) has just awarded the demo-paper 'Social Minder', a tool developed at CiTIUS to detect misinformation about COVID-19 in social networks.

One of its authors, the researcher Marcos Fernández Pichel, received the recognition in Toulouse (France) after presenting the work in the demos and posters section of the conference: "we are very happy that Social Minder has had such a great reception among the audience", says the pre-doctoral researcher at the centre. "This platform is used to detect credibility trends on Twitter, but it could also be applied to other uses, such as monitoring a company's products and their mentions, or a certain population group," he explains.

Social Minder is an online platform that analyses in real time the content and credibility of health-related publications on social networks. It uses Big Data Technologies for efficient processing of massive data, and Language Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for credibility prediction. The list of people responsible for this tool includes CiTIUS researchers David E. Losada and Juan Carlos Pichel.

The application is fully open-source and ca be consulted at