April 19, 2023
The first 'IAprendizaxe' conference kicks off at the ETSE, a dissemination meeting on AI featurin...

The first 'IAprendizaxe' conference kicks off at the ETSE, a dissemination meeting on AI featuring a sigificative participation from CiTIUS

Five representatives of the centre will participate today and tomorrow in the Artificial Intelligence conference to be held at the Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñería (ETSE), promoted by students of the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science degrees and co-financed by the Vice-rectorate for Students and Culture of the USC.

A talk by the researcher Alejandro Catalá ('Design of Intelligent User Interfaces: what is interdisciplinarity for?) will open today Wednesday at 16:30 the I Jornadas 'IAprendizaxe'; a meeting in which up to five members of CiTIUS will participate, and which counts on the collaboration of the Vice-rectorate for Students and Culture of the USC. The conference, which will take place at the ETSE (Escola Técnica Superior de Enxeñería de la USC), will be held between today and tomorrow and will address the possibilities of AI in various fields, such as medicine or law.

The meeting is the brainchild of two first-year students in the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering degrees: Judit González and Mateo Bodenlle. Both explain the dual purpose of the event: "on the one hand, we want to bring closer the work and research being done in the field of AI", they say, "but in addition to technological dissemination, we want all students to be able to learn about the applications of AI in their future professions". Both agree that this area constitutes "a world with many possibilities", and are grateful for the support of the institutions closest to them. "The ETSE is helping us a lot, and so are the professors, providing us with the contacts of speakers", point out from the organisation of a meeting in which topics such as the application of AI in medical specialties (cardiology), how it is possible to 'generate business' with Artificial Intelligence, or what are the legal challenges to have a reliable AI, will be discussed.

CiTIUS participation in this conference is completed with talks by Marta Núñez ('AI/CV in medicine and its application in cardiology', Wednesday - 19:30); José María Alonso ('Reliable Artificial Intelligence: Technical, Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Socio-economic Challenges' - Thursday 20, 12:30); Aldán Creo ('NLP: AI-generated text detection' - Thursday 20, 13:30); and Senén Barro ('Superintelligence' - Thursday 20, 17:00).

Full information on the day, as well as the complete list of talks, is available on the official website of the meeting.