Thesis 1383
  • Pablo Rodríguez Mier
  • Manuel Mucientes Molina
  • Manuel Lama Penín
Doctoral Program
  • RD1393/2007

A Graph-Based Framework For Optimal Semantic Web Service Composition

One key advantage of Web services is the capability to seamlessly create compositions by combining the functionality of different, distributed services. Although many different techniques were proposed to automate the composition of services, most of them are not efficient enough to provide both fast an optimal compositions in different contexts. This thesis aims to provide a twofold contribution by: (1) developing efficient techniques for the automatic composition of Web services that scales with the complexity of the Web and (2) defining a framework for automatic composition that efficiently integrates the proposed techniques with third-party automatic service discovery strategies.
Keywords: automatic composition, Web services, graph-based techniques, Web service discovery
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