A neural machine translation system for Galician from transliterated Portuguese text

We present a neural machine translation (NMT) system for translating both Spanish and English to Galician (𝐸𝑆–𝐺𝐿 and 𝐸𝑁–𝐺𝐿). Galician is a language closely related to Portuguese, with low to medium resources, spoken in northwestern Spain. Our NMT system is trained on large-scale synthetic 𝐸𝑆 β†’ 𝑃 𝑇 β†’ 𝐺𝐿 and 𝐸𝑁 β†’ 𝑃 𝑇 β†’ 𝐺𝐿 parallel corpora created by the spelling transliteration of Portuguese to Galician from a high-quality Spanish to Portuguese (𝐸𝑆–𝑃 𝑇) and English to Portuguese (𝐸𝑁–𝑃 𝑇) translation memories. The NMT system is then made available via a public web interface at https://demos.citius.usc.es/nos_tradutor.

keywords: Machine Translation