Article 334
  • David E. Losada, Javier Parapar, Álvaro Barreiro
  • Information Fusion, 2018 - Q1

A Rank Fusion Approach based on Score Distributions for Prioritizing Relevance Assessments in Information Retrieval Evaluation

In this paper we study how to prioritize relevance assessments in the process of creating an Information Retrieval test collection. A test collection consists of a set of queries, a document collection, and a set of relevance assessments. For each query, only a sample of documents from the collection can be manually assessed for relevance. Multiple retrieval strategies are typically used to obtain such sample of documents. And rank fusion plays a fundamental role in creating the sample by combining multiple search results. We propose effective rank fusion models that are adapted to the characteristics of this evaluation task. Our models are based on the distribution of retrieval scores supplied by the search systems and our experiments show that this formal approach leads to natural and competitive solutions when compared to state of the art methods. We also demonstrate the benefits of including pseudo-relevance evidence into the estimation of the score distribution models.
Keywords: Rank Fusion, Information Retrieval, Evaluation, Pooling, Score Distributions, Pseudo-relevance
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