An e-science infrastructure for nanoelectronic simulations based on grid and cloud technologies

We propose the development of a new e-Science infrastructure that would take the best of both grid and cloud technologies, and it would allow different research groups that perform nanoelectronic simulations to share their local clusters and create a common infrastructure accessible through a unified point of access. Therefore, more computational power can be used to perform nanoelectronic simulations, with the consequent reduction of time required to obtain the results. The integration of local clusters to share resources, through the proposed cloud management stack, will allow deploying an elastic infrastructure that will also permit to prioritize local computing tasks over shared ones. Furthermore, it will allow not only the deployment of ad-hoc virtual machines across local sites to achieve specific tasks but also to deploy virtual machines in public clouds like Amazon AWS to get additional computing resources, and even avoiding data losing by using public storage clouds like Amazon.

keywords: cloud computing, simulation, nanoelectronic, grid, clusters, virtualization