An Integration of Several Technologies in the Architecture Definition and Deployment of a Geospatial Grid Web Portal

This paper shows the development of a virtual laboratory for the Ocean research community based on Grid technology, called Retelab. The main objective is to build a useful tool for the researchers where the necessary computer skills are minimum. The development has four phases. The user access and registration is the first phase where we have built a well balanced solution between simplicity and security based on a Role Access Management Model. The second phase is the Data Grid deployment focused on metadata and thought to store geospatial information. Tools to visualize and analyze the data are also available. Next part is the job submission. A metascheduler was integrated into Retelab and useful procedures were developed to use the stored data as job inputs and to add the job results into the Data Grid. The last phase is the implementation and deployment, of different geospatial applications for the Ocean research community.

keywords: Grid computing, Grid security, data Grid, metadata, Metascheduler, GridWay