Can we predict behavior problems in children with autism?

Kids with autism often “see” the world differently than other kids do. They can have unique experiences of vision, hearing, taste, smell, or touch sensations. These sensory changes are often linked to behavior problems such as isolation, lack of interest, aggression, anxiety, depression, or lack of attention. We thought it would helpful if we could detect behavior problems that might not be obvious yet but are possible in the future. In our study, we used computer programs, based on a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning, to predict possible behavior problems based on how autistic kids receive sensations in their everyday lifes. Our programs analyze the answers to test questions about the way kids perceive the world through their senses, and these programs can then make reliable predictions of behavior problems before they arise. These early predictions allow families and doctors to be aware of and treat those problems early.

keywords: Machine Learning, Autism, Sensory perception, Behavior problems, Prediction