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  • Marcos Fernández-Pichel, Manuel Prada-Corral, David E. Losada, Juan C. Pichel and Pablo Gamallo
  • 30th Text REtrieval Conference. Gaithersburg, Maryland, EEUU. 2021

CiTIUS at the TREC 2021 Health Misinformation Track

The TREC Health Misinformation Track pursues the development of retrieval methods that promote credible and correct information over misinformation for health-related information needs. In this year, only the AdHoc Web Retrieval task was carried out. Its main goal was developing search technologies that promote credible and correct information over incorrect information. In these working notes, we present the CiTIUS team's multistage retrieval system for addressing this task.
Keywords: Health misinformation, Multistage retrieval, NLP
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