Dynamic Evaluation of Deformable Object Grasping

Deformable object grasping has great potential to improve the versatility of robotic manipulation and extend the applications of robotics. It has thus attracted more and more attentions and efforts from robotic community. Nevertheless, the deformation of objects during grasping leads to difficulties to evaluate the grasp configurations and to conduct grasping synthesis. Inspired by the dynamic process of deformation, one dynamic evaluation methodology is proposed to extend the static evaluation methods used for rigid object grasping toward deformable object grasping. The dynamic grasp map matrix is formulated to describe the dynamic grasping status of deformable objects. Three dynamic grasp quality metrics are derived from the dynamic grasp map matrix with a discussion on their physical meanings. The specific steps of dynamic evaluation are proposed based on the dynamic metrics. The physical simulation and the robotic experiment have verified the effectiveness of this method. This work is expected to provide new dynamic perspective and solutions for the deformable object grasping synthesis.

keywords: Robot control, Robotics