Article 387
  • Pancho D., Alonso J., Magdalena L.
  • Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2016 - Q1

Enhancing Fingrams to deal with precise fuzzy systems

Interpretability is a highly valued capability of fuzzy systems that turns essential when dealing with human interaction. Precise fuzzy modeling prioritizes performance at the cost of harming interpretability. Fuzzy Inference-grams (Fingrams) permit the graphical representation of fuzzy systems facilitating their comprehension, analysis and interpretation at inference level. We enhance Fingrams to better represent and analyze precise fuzzy systems. A specific metric and new representations handle the particularities of such systems. A new visual artifact allows to discover the set of data instances not covered by a given fuzzy system. A novel visual representation allows to study in detail the elements that are involved in the inference of a single data instance. The potentials of the enhanced methodology are sketched by taking the Fuzzy Unordered Rule Induction Algorithm (FURIA) as an illustrative example of precise fuzzy system. For instance, a highly valuable representation is obtained for the stretching mechanism of FURIA, thus facilitating its comprehensibility.
Keywords: Comprehensibility analysis, Expert analysis, FURIA, Fuzzy inference systems, Fuzzy system models, Information visualization, Interpretability, Precise fuzzy modeling, Social network analysis
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