Congress 1092
  • Pablo Gamallo, Marcos Garcia
  • 12th International Conference on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language. Tomar, Portugal. 2016

Entity Linking with Distributional Semantics

Entity Linking (EL) consists in linking name mentions in a given text with their referring entities in external knowledge bases such as DBpedia/Wikipedia. In this paper, we propose an EL approach whose main contribution is to make use of a knowledge base built by means of distributional similarity. More precisely, Wikipedia is transformed into a manageable database structured with similarity relations between entities. Our EL method is focused on a speci c task, namely semantic annotation of documents by extracting those relevant terms that are linked to nodes in DBpedia/Wikipedia. The method is currently working for four languages. The Portuguese and English versions have been evaluated and compared against other EL systems, showing competitive range, close to the best systems.
Keywords: Entity Linking, Semantic Annotation, Term Extraction
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