Exoscarne: Assistive Strategies for an Industrial Meat Cutting System Based on Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Musculoskeletal disorders of the wrist are common in the meat industry. A proof of concept of a physical human-robot interaction (pHRI)-based assistive strategy for an industrial meat cutting system is demonstrated which can be transferred to an exoskeleton later. We discuss how a robot can assist a human in pHRI, specifically in the context of an industrial project i.e for the meat cutting industry. We developed an impedance control-based system that enables a KUKA LWR robot to provide assistive forces to a professional butcher while simultaneously allowing motion of the knife (tool) in all degrees of freedom. We developed two assistive strategies—a force amplification strategy and an intent prediction strategy—and integrated them into an impedance controller.

keywords: Human-robot interaction, robotics, Robot control