Explainable Fuzzy Systems - Paving the Way from Interpretable Fuzzy Systems to Explainable AI Systems

The book is intended for researchers and practitioners who wish to explore the main ideas on EXFS, which are presented in a comprehensive and homogeneous way. The researchers in the theory of interpretable fuzzy systems will find information on the state-of-art on interpretability, as well as many hints on future developments and open challenges. The researchers interested in applying EXFS in real-world problems will find a thorough description of the methodological processes required to design interpretable fuzzy systems as well as the explanatory tools for generating visualizations and natural language descriptions of the outcome of such systems. The book also offers a guide for practitioners who want to build intelligent solutions based on EXFS by using the available software tools and libraries.

keywords: Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Trustworthiness, Human-centered Modeling, Fuzzy Sets and Systems