Article 350
  • Noelia Hernández, Jose M. Alonso, Manuel Ocaña
  • Expert Systems with Applications, 2017 - Q1

Fuzzy classifier ensembles for hierarchical WiFi-based semantic indoor localization

The number of applications for smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially in the last years. Many of these applications are supported by the so-called Location Based Services, which are expected to provide reliable real-time localization anytime and anywhere, no matter either outdoors or indoors. Even though outdoors world-wide localization has been successfully developed through the well-known Global Navigation Satellite System technology, its counterpart large-scale deployment indoors is not available yet. In previous work, we have already introduced a novel technology for indoor localization supported by a WiFi fingerprint approach. In this paper, we describe how to enhance such approach through the combination of hierarchical localization and fuzzy classifier ensembles. It has been tested and validated at the University of Edinburgh, yielding promising results.
Keywords: Indoor Localization, WiFi, Fingerprinting, Fuzzy Logic, Classification, Ensembles
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