Improving Aggressiveness Detection using a Data Augmentation Technique based on a Diffusion Language Model

Cyberbullying has grown in recent years, primarily attributed to the proliferation of social media users. This phenomenon manifests in various forms, such as hate speech and offensive language, increasing the necessity of effective detection models to tackle this problem. Most approaches focus on supervised algorithms, which have an essential drawback—they heavily depend on the availability of ample training data. This paper attempts to tackle this insufficient data problem using data augmentation (DA) techniques. We propose a novel data augmentation technique based on a Diffusion Language Model (DLA). We compare our proposed method against well-known DA techniques, such as contextual augmentation and Easy Data Augmentation (EDA). Our findings reveal a slight but promising improvement, leading to more robust results with very low variance. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive qualitative analysis using classification errors and complementary analysis, shedding light on the nuances of our approach.

keywords: Data augmentation, Aggressiveness Detection, Classification