Congress 1136
  • Jose M. Alonso, C. Castiello, C. Mencar
  • 3rd Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities & Communities. Bari, Italy. 2017

Linguistic Descriptions for Cognitive Cities: an Illustrative Use Case

In modern cities, everything is connected to Internet and the amount of data available on-line grows dramatically. Humans face two main challenges: i) to extract valuable knowledge from the Big Data; ii) to become part of the equation as active actors in the Internet of Things. Fuzzy intelligent systems are currently used in many applications in the context of Smart Cities. Now, it is time to address the effective interaction between intelligent systems and citizens with the aim of passing from Smart to Cognitive Cities. We claim that the use of interpretable fuzzy systems and natural language generation can facilitate such interaction and pave the way towards Cognitive Cities.
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