Multi-Subband Monte Carlo study of device orientation effects in ultra-short channel DGSOI

State-of-the-Art devices in mass production are approaching to the performance limit of traditional MOSFET as the critical dimensions are shrunk. Multi-gate devices based on SOI technology, are one of the best candidates to become a standard solution to overcome the problems arising from such aggressive scaling. Moreover, the flexibility of SOI wafers and processes allows the use of different channel materials and substrate orientations to enhance the performance of CMOS circuits. This paper studies the electron transport in DGSOI devices with aggressive scaling and the role of different confinement and transport directions in the characteristics of next generation devices using a Multi-Subband Ensemble Monte Carlo simulator (MSB-EMC). Our simulations show that transport effective mass, and subband redistribution are the main factors that affect drift and scattering processes and, therefore, the general performance of DGSOI devices when orientation is changed.

keywords: Nanotransistor, DGSOI, Multi-Subband, Crystallographic orientations