Congress 1197
  • Zaid Mustafa, Julián Flores and José M Cotos
  • XIX International Conference on Human Computer Interaction. Palma de Mallorca, España. 2018

Multimodal User Interaction for GIS Applications (MUI_GIS).

The traditional communication methods for GIS applications limit usability and slow down the interaction that happens when using conventional devices such as a mouse and a keyboard. However, the human voice and motion system can naturally create actions through the use of speech or gestures in three dimensions. This paper presents a new human-computer interaction tool called MUI_GIS (multimodal-user interaction for GIS) applications, which uses a synergistic operation of several kinds of input devices in order to allow a natural interaction. The information from the different input devices determines actions/commands of interaction with the software. The tool focuses on two kinds of users, general and expert, who have the ability to do basic operations or advance analysis of the data stored, such as virtual archeological geo-information, and get knowledge using a computer without any charge or the trouble of traveling. Thus, the features of this tool are helping to find a new generation conscious toward the value of geographic information systems, which is positively reflected in the communities. In addition, this will facilitate the applying of GISs in the education domain and help users to understand the structure of 3-D visual exploration.
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