Congress 1265
  • Pablo Gamallo, Marcos Garcia, Patricia Martín-Rodilla
  • Iberian Languages Evaluation Forum, co-located with 35th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN 2019). Bilbao, Spain. 2019

NER and Open Information Extraction for Portuguese: Notebook for IberLEF 2019 Portuguese Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Tasks

This article describes the different systems we have developed to participate at the IberLEF 2019 Portuguese Named Entity Recognition and RelationExtraction Tasks (NerReIberLEF2019). Our objective is to compare rule-basedand neural-based approaches. For this purpose, we applied our systems to twospecific subtasks: Named Entity Recognition (Task 1) and General Open Infor-mation Extraction (Task 3) in Portuguese texts.
Keywords: named entity recognition, open information extraction, natural language processing
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