Article 293
  • J. I. Zablah, I. X. Corrales, J . M. Aguilar, A. Garcia, F. Gomez, M. T. Medina
  • IEEE Latin America Transactions, 2016 - Q3

Performance limitations of a text search application running in cloud instances

This article analyzes the performance of MySQL in clouds based on commodity hardware in order to identify the bottlenecks in the execution of series of scripts developed on the SQL standard. The developed scripts were designed in order to perform text search in a considerable amount of records. Two types of platforms were employed: a physical machine that serves as host and an instance within a cloud infrastructure. The results show that the intensive use of a relational database presents a greater loss of performance in a cloud instance due limitations in the primary storage system that was employed in the cloud infrastructure.
Keywords: Virtualization, regular expressions, benchmark, Cloud, MySQL
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