Proceedings of the Workshop on Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence (NL4XAI)

This half-day workshop goes a step ahead of the workshop 2IS&NLG that we co-organized with Mariët Theune at INLG2018. We have narrowed the workshop topic to become a specialized event on Explainable AI. In this sense, the workshop follows the line started with the workshop XCI at INLG2017.Moreover, this workshop follows a series of thematic special sessions in international conferences such as Advances on Explainable AI at FUZZ-IEEE2019, Advances on Explainable AI at IPMU2018, and many other related sessions at IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009, ISDA 2009, WCCI 2010, WILF 2011, ESTYLF2012, WCCI 2012, EUSFLAT 2013, IFSA-EUSFLAT2015, and FUZZ-IEEE2017.

keywords: Explainable AI, Natural Language Generation, Computational Linguistics