Reduction of the self-forces in Monte Carlo simulations of semiconductor devices on unstructured meshes

When using an unstructured mesh for device geometry, the ensemble Monte Carlo simulations of semiconductor devices may be affected by unwanted self-forces resulting from the particle-mesh coupling. We report on the progress in minimisation of the self-forces on arbitrary meshes by showing that they can be greatly reduced on a finite element mesh with proper interpolation functions. The developed methodology is included into a self-consistent finite element 3D Monte Carlo device simulator. Minimising of the self-forces using the proper interpolation functions is tested by simulating the electron transport in a 10 nm gate length, 6.1 nm body thick, double gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). We demonstrate the reduction in the self-force and illustrate the practical distinction by showing I-V characteristics for the device.

keywords: Monte Carlo simulation, Semiconductor devices, Finite element method, Self-forces, Particle–mesh coupling