Render on the cloud: Using Cinelerra on virtualized infrastructures

Nowadays, the learning-teaching processes are being supported by the use of new technologies, including email, chat, online conferencing, online activities and video-conferencing. With the revolution of high definition television, video producers require more efficiency in the production and post-production tasks. There are several software available for this purpose including commercial solutions, often very expensive, and open-source ones, such as Cinelerra. This paper proposes a cloud infrastructure for using Cinelerra, a community developed version of non-linear video editor, and how educational institutions can use this. The main idea is to reuse its computational power for editing or creating educational videos without the need of acquiring a dedicated hardware infrastructure, employing non dedicated resources, such as the computer labs, or desktop computers to fix the most common time consuming problem: the rendering. The performance of the proposed infrastructure is also presented

keywords: Cinelerra, rendering, cloud, broadcas