Congress 1148
  • R. Iglesias, C.V. Regueiro, S. Barro, G. Rodríguez and A. Nieto
  • 7-th international work-conference on the interplay between natural and artificial computation. A Coruña, Spain. 2017
Research Areas

Robust step detection in mobile phones through a learning process carried out in the mobile

In this paper we describe an strategy to obtain a robust pedometer in mobile phones through a learning process that is carried out in the mobile itself. Using the vertical component of the acceleration, dynamic time warping and data collected on the mobile, we achieve a model able to detect steps and which exhibits an important robustness to the way the mobile is being carried out. We believe this robustness is due to the fact that the model, learnt on the mobile, requires less heuristic parameters and is linked to specific characteristics of the user and the hardware. We have tested our strategy in real experiments carried out at our research centre
Keywords: Learning on mobile phones, dynamic time warping, step recognition and counting with mobile phones
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