Congress 1067
  • Regueiro M.A., Viqueira J.R.R., Stasch C., Taboada J.A.
  • 35th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling. Gifu, Japan. 2016

Sensor Observation Service Semantic Mediation: Generic Wrappers for In-Situ and Remote Devices

In-situ and remote sensors produce data that fit di erent data modeling paradigms, namely, Entity/Relationship paradigm for the former and Multidimensional Array paradigm for the latter. Besides, different standardized data access services are used in practice. Therefore their integrated access is still a major challenge. This paper describes a solution for the development of generic semantic data access wrappers for observation datasets generated by in-situ and remote sensing devices. Those wrappers are key components of data mediation architectures designed for the semantic integrated publishing of observation data.
Keywords: Semantic Mediation, Interoperability, Data Integration, Observation Data, Environmental Data
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