Tetrahedral elements in self-consistent parallel 3D Monte Carlo simulations of MOSFETs

Novel thin-body architectures with complex geometry are becoming of large interest because they are expected to deliver the ITRS prescribed on-current when semiconductor transistors are scaled into nanometer dimensions. We report on the development of a 3D parallel Monte Carlo simulator coupled to a finite element solver for the Poisson equation in order to correctly describe the complex domains of advanced FinFET transistors.We study issues such as charge assignment, field calculation, treatment of contacts and parallelisation approach which have to be taken into account when using tetrahedral elements. The applicability of the simulator is demonstrated by modelling a 10 nm gate length double gate MOSFET with a body thickness of 6.1 nm.

keywords: Tetrahedral elements, Monte Carlo simulation, Finite element method, Parallel device simulation, MOSFET