Article 321
  • Patricia Conde-Clemente, Jose M. Alonso, Gracian Trivino
  • Soft Computing, 2018 - Q1

Toward automatic generation of linguistic advice for saving energy at home

The increased demand of systems able to generate reports in natural language from numerical data involves the search for new solutions. This paper presents an adaptation of standard Natural Language Generation methodologies to generate customized linguistic descriptions of data. Namely, we merge one of the most well-known architectures in the Natural Language Generation research field together with our previous architecture for generating linguistic descriptions of complex phenomena. The latter is supported by the Computational Theory of Perceptions which comes from the fuzzy sets and systems research field. We include a practical case of use dealing with the problem of inefficient consumption of energy at households. It generates natural language recommendations adapted to each household to promote a more responsible consumption. The proposal reveals opportunities of collaboration between the different research communities that are involved.
Keywords: Natural Computing, Data Science, Linguistic Description of Data, Computing with Perceptions, Computational Intelligence, Fuzzy Sets and Systems
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