Uso de tecnologias linguı́sticas para estudar a evolução dos sufixos -ÇOM e -VEL no galego-português medieval a partir de corpora históricos

The work presented in this paper has two ob-jetives.On the one hand, it describes how toadapt two natural language processing tools to medi-eval Galician-Portuguese, namely a morphosyntacticanalyzer and a medieval language recognizer, and onthe other hand, it verifies linguistic hypotheses aboutthe evolution of medieval suffixes by using these to-ols by using historical corpora. Although the perfor-mance of the tools is inferior to those used for morestandardized modern varieties with less formal vari-ability, we show that it is possible to use them withgreat reliability for quantitative corpus-based studies. The corpus-based linguistic study allows us to verifythat, on the basis of their frequency distribution, thepresence of the suffixes -CION and -BLE in medie-val Galician texts is probably influenced by medievalCastilian.

keywords: Part-of-Speech Tagging, Natural Language Processing, Historical Linguistics, digital humanities