Training and Professional Development Committee

This commission arises as part of our commitment to provide young researchers with a comprehensive training that will enable them to perform at the highest scientific and professional level.

Our Objectives

The commission has two main objectives:

  • To plan the CiTIUS training activity, including the design of its biennial Training Plan.
  • Professional guidance for CiTIUS research trainees in the development of their training and professional career.

The commission includes staff that represents all professional categories in the centre:

  • Diego Cabello Ferrer, senior researcher and coordinator of the Commission
  • María José Carreira Nouche, senior researcher
  • Tomás Fernández Pena, senior researcher and PhD programme coordinator
  • Marta Núñez García, postdoctoral researcher María Zambrano
  • María Regueira Muñiz, knowledge management and transfer unit technician
  • Félix Díaz Hermida, knowledge management and transfer unit technician
  • Pilar Martínez Carou, technician of the strategic planning and management support unit
  • Pedro Gamallo Fernández, PhD student
  • Francisco Javier Cardama Santiago, PhD student
  • César Díaz Parga, PhD student