Albina Sarymsakova

I am a computational linguist, having my Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Language (graduated with honours) and my PhD in Linguistics at the University of La Coruña with distinctions such as Cum Laude and International PhD Mention. In the course of my doctoral studies, completed within a competitive funding initiative (Xunta de Galicia grant), I acquired solid theoretical knowledge of and gained advanced practical skills in multimodal discourse analysis, phonetics, phonology, automatic assessment of pronunciation, and natural language processing.

Presently, my research profile centres on automatic speech processing among both native and non-native speakers of a given language, extraction of speech data, automatic and supervised morpho-syntactic annotation, as well as language model training for the automated parsing, tagging, and tokenization of extensive corpora. I am currently affiliated with Research Centre on Intelligent Technologies at the University of Santiago de Compostela (CiTIUS-USC), a prestigious international academic institution holding the R&D&I Project “ Reducing, Reusing and Recycling large models for developing Responsible and Green Language Technologies” (TED2021-130295B-C33), on which I am actively engaged as a postdoctoral researcher.