The objective of the CiTIUS alumni network is to connect graduates of the center with each other, as well as to keep connected with the center.

CiTIUS offers a series of services for graduates:

  • Proportion of advice to alumni who continue with a scientific career, for the next steps to take, including advice on HR calls.
  • Meetings with the Knowledge Management and Transfer (KMT) unit. Graduates may request meetings with members of the KMT unit to present their interests, proposals, etc.
  • Preferential access for alumni in events organized by CiTIUS, including benefits when possible, such as, for example, a discount on registration.
  • Exclusive support for all those issues that have to do with the establishment of collaboration with CiTIUS
  • The publication of job offers addressed to doctors will be facilitated.
  • Dissemination of:
    • Conferences, acts and events organized in the CiTIUS
    • Training activities
    • Calls for grants
  • CiTIUS Newsletter

If you want to know more about the network, or request to join it if you have completed your PhD at the center, send an email to

Daniel Piso Fernández

Director - Engineering / Arm Ltd

David Chapela de la Campa

Postdoc Research Fellow / University of Tartu

Developed his PhD thesis, Behavioral-based algorithms for process model simplification (2021), under the supervision of Manuel Lama Penín.

Estefanía Otero García

Data Engineer Lead / Lookiero

Developed her PhD thesis, Descubrimento de grafos en datos enlazados para a anotación semántica de documentos (2017), under the supervision of Manuel Lama Penín and Juan Carlos Vidal Aguiar.