Francisco Javier Cardama Santiago

I graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2021, and later, in 2022, I completed a Master's degree in High-Performance Computing at the same university. My initial years of research activity were focused on the development of computationally efficient techniques for detecting changes in remote-sensing images.

Since 2022, I am pursuing a PhD programme in Information Technology Research at CiTIUS. My thesis focused on the innovation and development of techniques related to distributed quantum computing and its potential applications, reflecting my deep interest in the field of supercomputing. In addition, to further expand my knowledge in my research area, in 2023, I enrolled in the new Master's in Quantum Information Science and Technology (MQIST), offered and managed by the three Galician universities.

I am also passionate about disseminating science to society, which has led me to give numerous talks on current topics, such as supercomputing or ChatGPT, in schools and scientific events like the Pint of Science.

Finally, I have also collaborated on projects that go beyond my main research. One of the most notable projects was the collaborative creation of the Galician song "Florespiña" for the AI Song Contest 2023. This song has been elaborated from the development of artificial intelligence models with the challenge of recreating the voice of the artist Ana Kiro. This work was carried out by a multidisciplinary team, which included the technical contributions of four CiTIUS researchers and the artistic team of the PAMP! group.