IT Infrastructures

IT Infrastructures


CiTIUS computing infrastructures are a tool for the research activity, the development of projects in collaboration with the industry and to support the centre's daily activity.
These infrastructures are housed in a modern Datacenter of 22 m² and 8 cabinets of 48U located in the basement of CiTIUS building and allow the centre to have the capacity to develop projects and services in the following lines:
  • Applications parallelisation
  • Optimising applications on multi-core architectures
  • Optimising applications through GPGPU computing
  • Design and development of cloud architectures

HPC Cluster

We have a 14 nodes heterogeneous computing cluster on which the centre's researchers can run computationally expensive applications.
  • 9 Dell R740 nodes each with two Intel Xeon Gold 5220R 24 core processors and 192 GB of RAM.
  • 1 Dell R840 fat node with four Xeon Gold 6248 20 core processors and 1 TB of RAM.
  • 2 Dell R7525 nodes each with two AMD EPYC 7543 32 core processors, 256 GB of RAM and two GPUS NVidia Ampere A100.
  • 2 Dell R740 nodes each with two Intel Xeon Gold 5220 18 cores processors, 192 GB of RAM and two GPUS Nvidia Tesla V100s.
The cluster has a high-performance distributed storage BeeGFS system with more than 200 TB of capacity interconnected by a dual 25Gb optical fibre network.

Big Data Cluster

We also have another cluster designed specifically for Big Data jobs. It is made up of 16 identical nodes with 20 cores, 384 GB of RAM and 32 TB of hard disk each, on which software dedicated to Big Data such as Spark, HDFS, Mesos, etc. is installed.

General Purpose GPU Computing

We have several servers equipped with different GPUS available for users who need that kind of infrastructure to run their programs or to develop applications under the GPGPU computing paradigm.
Dell PowerEdge R720 server( 1 Intel Xeon E52609, 16 GB RAM)
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan 6GB
  • Nvidia Titan X Pascal 12GB
Two PowerEdge R730 servers (2 Intel Xeon E52623v4, 128 GB RAM)
  • 2 Nvidia Tesla P40 24GB
SIE LADON 4214 server( 2 Intel Xeon Silver 4214, 192 GB RAM)
  • Nvidia Quadro P6000 24GB
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX8000 48GB
  • 2 Nvidia A100 80GB

Virtual Private Servers Cloud (VPS)

We offer researchers an IaaS-type service based on Proxmox. It offers virtual private servers in the cloud running on top of five servers connected to a distributed storage. This provides users with a fully configurable environment for development, testing, deployments, etc.