Computer Vision

The scientific field of Computer Vision includes systems that develop and apply intelligent technologies in the field of vision. They are applied to both static images (biomedical, signals captured by sensors, hyperspectral images, ...) and dynamic images (videos or time sequences). An approach is taken from the low level (edge computing) to the high level (intelligent analysis of images and videos), designing solutions over computational platforms that can provide the required response time.

The development of low-level smart technologies includes research called edge computing, where low-power or self-powered systems are designed with sensing capabilities, intelligent data computing and communication with other devices or with the cloud.

The development of high-level intelligent technologies includes research related to the real-time detection and tracking of objects on video, the analysis and interpretation of biomedical images for diagnosis and detection at micro and macroscopic level, or the development of machine learning techniques for real-time processing, classification and analysis of images and temporal sequences obtained from multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing devices installed on satellites, aeroplanes or UAVs.

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