EDIH Datalife: Digital Innovation Hub for the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in SMEs in the primary, biotechnological and health sectors

DATAlife is designed considering Galicia’s future potential and challenges, current R&D capabilities and traditional strengths. Rich in natural resources, Galicia has the opportunity to manage them in a smart manner, that ensures their sustainability, a healthy environment and business models that add value to those working in rural areas. With one on the longest life expectancies in the world, it must step up to offer quality of life to its ageing population, with better medicines and care services, exploiting innovations based on combining complex information and advanced analytical models. With the common aim of accelerating digital transformation, universities, technological & competence sectors, sectoral clusters and large companies will work together, creating a fair, green and healthy economy fit for the age of information. A high-quality digital revolution will be centred in the persons, the environment they live in and their wellbeing. This will be achieved by increasing AI uptake in SMEs and public administration with easy-to-use applications; creating collaborative, federated data spaces; unburdening workers by automatically retrieve data with IoT; remaining competitive by HPC usage and securing sensitive data with the latest European cybersecurity applications.

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