AQUATECHInn 4.0Digital learning in aquaculture 4.0 for the technological training of fish farm technicians
iRead4SkillsIntelligent Reading Improvement System for Fundamental and Transversal Skills Development
HYBRIDSHybrid Intelligence to monitor, promote and analyse transformations in good democracy practices
EDIH DatalifeDigital Innovation Hub for the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in SMEs in the primary, biotechnological and health sectors
NANOVRNanoscale Design using Virtual Reality
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We aim to be an international reference centre in the area of Intelligent Technologies.

All CiTIUS scientific areas have active projects as coordinators or partners. Our research is funded by international, national or regional competitive resources, public and private foundations, and direct collaborations with industry.

In the listing section you will find all the active projects of the centre together with the history of completed projects.