SAWS: Development of a spatial analysis service and its application in the implementation of a management system for human habitats

This project has two main scientific objectives: to investigate the implementation of a web service for the analysis of spatial data -Spatial Analysis Service (SAS)- and develop an Analysis System Human Habitats (SAHH) that enable users to study the conditions of the rural population entities of Galicia.

Among the challenges of this project must include the following: design of a software architecture for SAS, define a language for specifying spatial analysis procedures, design space efficient data structures for heterogeneous data recording and multimedia elements, and design algorithms for precise spatial analysis operations.

SAS development has a significant and immediate application to many real problems, in fact, this project will have an immediate transfer of technology. Moreover, SAHH will test and validate SAS with a real application and study the characteristics of the traditional population settlements and palliate the rural depopulation, increasing the value of Galician architectural heritage.


  • Study of the technologies, tools and methodologies for the development of software applications to manage spatial information, with application to geographic information systems.
  • Development of a web service to analyze spatial data -Spatial Analysis Service (SAS)- stored in data sources distributed over web services compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.
  • Development of a Human Habitats Analysis System that enables the analysis of the conditions of rural population entities in Galicia