ELBA: Establishment of training and research centers and course development on Intelligent Big Data Analysis in Central Asia

ELBA project focuses on the design and development of competences in innovative "Big Data Analytics" technologies. ELBA is born to give answer to the shortage of trained professionals in these fields, particularly in certain geographical areas of the planet. The consortium is led by the USC, has three European partners (USC, Politecnico di Torino in Italy and Univ. de Primorska in Slovenia) and ten more institutions located in Central Asia (in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

The project, which has a budget of nearly one million euros, is coordinated by David E. Losada (CiTIUS researcher). Besides coordination, management and quality control tasks, the tasks of the USC are aimed at improving the training capacity of the partners in Central Asia, monitoring and advising on the development of curricula in "Big Data Analytics" and providing methods and tools for learning intelligent technologies for massive data processing.



The main objectives of ELBA are:

  • To develop skills in "Big Data Analytics"
  • To design courses and training programs at university level in this area
  • To establish academic and research centers in Big Data
  • To create networks of specialists in Big Data and Intelligent Analysis technologies
  • To promote and maintain professional staff (academics, researchers and industry professionals) in this constantly growing technological area.