DERFO-3DTV: Deployment of optical fiber networks RFoG and PON for 3DTV and HDTV applications

DERFO 3DTV mainly aims extension of 3DTV applications, HDTV and interactive services over fibre optic networks under the DVB-C2. This network, with very high capacity and high energy efficiency, expands distribution capabilities and will make other distributions, combining techniques of wavelength multiplexing WDM for distributing satellite signals.

The deployment of fibre optic technology is based on RFoG, which enables interactive and broadcast services on a passive optical network with a lower cost than xPON deployments called "telcos".

The CiTIUS contributes on this project to the development of a 3DTV video player that will allow the remote execution of a stereoscopic video system. This solution allows the control and execution of various packaging formats and data compression that will provide a combinatorial analysis of scenarios associated with different bit rates and multiple concurrent requests flow.


  • Deploying of 3DTV services using the new standard DVB-C2 transmission over fibre optic networks and coaxial cable.
  • Perform adequate infrastructure to distribute content and interactive media, as high definition television (HDTV) or the future three-dimensional television (3DTV), that require high bandwidths.