DronePlan: Motion planning, SLAM and tracking for UAVs

The objective of the DronePlan project is to develop a planning system for UAVs with the following characteristics: (1) dynamic, as it can replan; (2) anytime, i.e., the optimal trajectory is iteratively computed; (3) takes into account the cinematic restrictions of the UAV; (4) multi-resolution and multi-granularity (adaptive precision); (5) manages the uncertainty of sensors and control, (6) integrates the moving objects of the environment (in order to avoid them, follow them, or for landing and taking off from mobile platforms).


1. To develop a dynamic and anytime planning system for UAVs, that takes into account cinematic restrictions of the UAV and the objects of the map.
2. To implement a visual SLAM algorithm that uses a camera to build a 3D map in real time and localizes the UAV in the map.
3. To include in the planner the management of the uncertainty of sensors and control. Also, to plan over multi-resolution maps and with lattices of different granularities (multi-granularity)
4. To integrate the information about mobile objects in the map and the planning system. This requires the development of a module for the detection and tracking of mobile objects.